Mouse Wheel button on Magic Mouse

Hi there, I am new to BTT and could not find an appropriate solution to my problem, which is kinda strange, because the behavior I am searching for is rather popular in CAD.
So, a solution might help others as well.

In a CAD/CAM environment, the mouse wheel button (not the middle mouse button!) is used for panning and rotating views.

  • not pushing down the mouse wheel and rolling it up and down usually zooms in/out.
  • pushing and holding the mouse wheel button while moving the mouse around tilts/rotates the view.

As an alternative, it would be fine to push AND HOLD, the middle button, but also being able to scroll.

Hope this is not described too complicated :slight_smile:

Appreciate any help.
Greets from snowy Bavaria.

If the scroll wheel acts as a button it is usually doing a middle click :slight_smile:
Have you already tried to assign the middle click action to something like the three finger click?

Thanks for your reply, Andreas.
Unfortunately my cad-mouse has a left, right and middle "real" button, AND additionally the mouse-wheel button. So I was able to rearrange my buttons.
Funnywise something strange happens, when I use one of my cad/cam-SW.
Usually I push the middle button and drag around, which results is seeing my cad model moving around "in time". Now I assigned the middle mouse button via BTT. The first time I push the middle mouse button, I see the mouse pointer changing into orbit-mode (so far so good), than I can seamlessly rotate my object (still good so far). The second time I do the same thing, the pointer also changes, but the model won't rotate "live", but it just sits there. Once I release the mouse button, the object jumps into the position it should, which is pretty bad though. With my standard mouse everything works fine though