Mouse - Invert Scroll

Hey Andreas,

Just noticed that Apple's setting for "Scroll Direction: Neutral" is universal for both trackpad and mouse. It's ridiculous, now I'm having to use my mouse's scroll backwards so as to not alter my trackpads default setting.

Could you please include an option for inverting the scroll just on the mouse?

Thank you.


Oh, sorry about that, looks like BTT already supports this! Just found the setting.

I'm not happy with this mouse - or rather, how it behaves under bluetooth / macOS - but BTT never ceases to amaze!

EDIT: The option is located under "Mouse" (top right corner) in the the "General" tab. It's a checkbox that reads "Inverse scrolling for normal mice (...)"

where did you find this option?

@Worie, you'll find it under "Mouse" (top right corner) in the the "General" tab.

It's a checkbox that reads "Inverse scrolling for normal mice (...)"

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I’m using Magic Mouse 2. How can I inverse scroll direction just on mouse? I already checked “Inverse scrolling for normal mouse” but it not work

For Magic Mouse, find this option MacOS's own Settings > Mouse > Invert Scroll.

I bought the new version 3 of BTT and can't find this option ANYWHERE. Please let me know where it was moved to, or maybe add the feature back if it was removed. I need it. Thanks

Doesn't work on newer version of BTT. The preferences window is completely different and doesn't seem to have the option anymore. If it's there, please give us a screenshot and tell how to get to it.

you can always open the old preferences ui if you want to. However even in the new one it’s still at a similar position - sorry can’t post a screenshot because I’m on mobile currently.

However I’m not sure whether the feature still works on the latest macOS versions.

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Wow - thank you. I didn't realize I'd find it there. It's also showing under Magic Mouse in the new UI now that I've enabled it in the old UI, but I swear it wasn't showing there until I enabled it in the old one. Should check to see if it's not somehow only going to show unless that old one is checked. Also - doesn't it make sense to put this checkbox under the "Normal Mouse" heading?

Would it be possible to put this option (inverse scrolling) in the preferences of the applications? For my part I need to reverse the scrolling only in some applications that manage the scrolling in a wrong way (Sketchup in my case).


Ditto here - I need reverse scrolling in just a few apps.


Ditto here - wish to use unnatural scrolling for apps, and natural scrolling for workspaces, is this possible at all?

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Here's a screenshot of the settings location as of BTT 3.206

The above setting in BTT, and:

  • System Preferences
    • Trackpad
      • "Scroll direction: natural" checked.

Laptop trackpad scrolls natural and Logitech MX Master 3 scroll wheel scrolls unnatural...? (which is actually "natural" for a mouse, I'd say)

BTT 3.206
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
macOS 10.15.2

Any updates on getting reverse scrolling for specific apps? Option-Scroll is zoom for Logic Pro & Premiere but they are opposite directions and it makes me go insane. As far as I have found it can't be changed in either app.

@chrismcqueen good news! I use logic and have the same problem. Download Smart Scroll (
Then go into Smart Scroll (in system preferences) and tick 'reverse with Y-axis only with option'. now try it. if you want to go the other way, untick y axis and use x axis.