mouse buttons from a generic device triggering "normal mouse" buttons

Hi, thanks for the wonderful feature of generic devices, it works flawlessly for my mouse to assign three buttons that macOS does not recognize.

I’m able to assign them to custom mouse buttons in the generic devices section, but these mouse buttons cannot then perform actions in the “normal mouse” section. The buttons can be assigned to "normal mouse" triggers, but they are not triggered.

Would a solution to this be to trigger the mouse buttons within script instead of triggering assigned actions in the generic devices section? If so then which script commands can be used? (for button 4, button 5 and the middle button)

Or is this functionality yet unimplemented?

I realize that the actions can be configured within the generic devices section, but the reason I am asking is because I would like to distribute the same settings for the mouse buttons for different mouse devices. And also for having all mouse buttons actions in one section.

Some of the mouse devices have all buttons recognized by macOS and others have buttons only recognized through a "generic devices" script, so for the ease of portability I would be grateful for a solution to triggering actions in the "normal mouse"-section from a generic devices script.

unfortunately currently there is no way to do this because BTT doesn't listen to its own mouse events.
I'll check whether this can be added.

Thanks so much for looking into it.

So far I've used this solution for the buttons to be recognized in macos, so maybe something similar could be implemented within BTT in order to listen to its own mouse events?