Mouse button as modifier with scroll wheel to switch desktop spaces

I'm wondering if this is possible... I'd like to be able to use a regular mouse with scroll wheel to switch Mac desktop spaces using just the mouse. To do that, I would like to use the right mouse button (held down) as a modifier and then turn the scroll wheel to change the desktop space. I can do this easily now using a regular modifier key (like shift or Cmd), but is there a way to use the right mouse button as a modifier?

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Commenting to hopefully get this back on the radar. I also want to use mouse buttons as modifiers.

My dream is to be able to hold mouse button 3 or 4 and then set up a bunch of macros that remap keys on the left of my keyboard to the right, like A=H, S=J, etc. so that when I'm mousing with my right hand and need to type something short, I can hold the button and type with my left instead of moving my hands.