More granular enabling/disabling shortcuts for apps

Is there anyway to group or tag shortcuts so they can be enabled/disabled across groups of apps?

My use case is that I want some keyboard shortcuts enabled across all apps (e.g. window movement) but some other ones (keyboard movement) to not be used by Terminal and IDE tools.

I can think of several ways this could be accomplished: groups of shortcuts, tags on shortcuts, per-shortcut App rules, etc. I know you can copy and paste them but that's a recipe for a mess.

Currently I use Spectacle for window moving, Karabiner for a few odd things, and BTT for some Windows like shortcuts. I like BTT's UI better, it's more controllable than Karabiner but Spectacle lets me use window movements everywhere and Karabiner's more system-level hooks work better in some situations.

BetterTouchTool 2.566 ALPHA adds "Conditional Activation Groups" that allow you to group apps: