Moon 0 degrees: weather not showing, no location

If I touch the moon it gets

I know my internet connection can't derive location data. Is it possible to lookup the location data myself and provide this to Aquatouch weather widget?

yes, the widget has an option to set the latitude and longitude manually

thanks for your help. But how to do something like this?


You can find it here:

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Just a heads up,
Apparently because Apple bought DarkSky, their API might be closing soon. Might need to look for alternatives when the time comes

Thanks! Clear! Although I had to figure out what number I had to fill in!

Just for future references (until the Dark Sky API goes dark...).

  1. go to Google maps
  2. double click a empty place on the map (not an icon or something)
  3. then it will show the "numbers" you need at the bottom.
  4. copy and past that in the box that @yuuiko suggested.
  5. SAVE (it will says save just above the box whenever you changed something)

Cool! Worth the effort.

darksky will still work until the end of 2021 afterwards I’ll switch to some other API :slight_smile:

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The next thing I'll be implementing is a global search function in BTT :wink:

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