Mojave Support - Ready by Release?

Hey Andreas,

I don't ever run betas, so I'm not aware of the current state of things, but I do have a hard-to-resist urge to update as soon as stuff is released.

I'm eager to run Mojave, but I can't live without BTT. So, what do you say, should I wait before updating, or is BTT working well with Mojave?


BTT is working fine on Mojave :slight_smile:

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Seems like the right place to say thanks!

I never upgraded my copy of BTT because the old version I had worked just fine on High Sierra. However, I was resigned to purchasing a new license for Mohave. I figured the under the hood Mohave changes would probably break it.

But, lo and behold, you back ported enough from the Mohave changes to keep my old copy working. Long term support deserves recognition. Bought the lifetime license today. Thanks.

Awesome! :grimacing:

Thank you! It felt bad to leave the old customers with a completely broken version so I think a backport of the most curcial parts was the right thing to do. :slight_smile:

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Hi, love BetterTouchTool and upgraded to Mojave while running an old version with an expired license. After upgrading os, BTT wouldn't load or produce a crash report yet i could see a report crash process in my activity monitor. Tried installing the latest version to then downgrade but it would start to produce multiple crash reports at the same time. Is there any specific release i could download that is compatible with mojave and my old license?
EDIT: Problem solved with link supplied by Andreas, Thank You!!!


Yes, this version will work with expired licenses on Mojave:

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No BetterRouch tool anymore after installing Mojave last night. Didn't realise how much I depend on this amazing app. Lost without it !. Help. Tried deleting the app and re-installing but when I double click on the app nothing happens. Doesn't seem to even open / start.

Have a look here:

Andreas thanks very much indeed. That has worked. Does customer service get better than that !? Superb.

The Macbook Pro 2018 trackpad is unusable on BTT under Mojave. Have to disable. Tried the remove - re-add privacy and security thing.

In general the 2018 trackpad is working fine with BTT on Mojave. Maybe any other trackpad related apps that conflict?

To be fair it's probably not BTT, my whole machine has become very unresponsive after todays "upgrade" to Mojave.

Any process showing in Activity Monitor that eats up a lot of CPU?

No CPU sitting on 2% no pther programs running. It's very random what was normal functionality comes and goes every few seconds. I have no other trackpad software. Everything fine with BTT disabled. And BTT works fine with Mojave on my Magic Trackpad 2, just not the built in MBP2018 trackpad. Swipes seem ok but not clicks, only about 1 in 10 work, sometimes there's feedback other times nothing. Tried restarting. 2 finger taps seem to trigger 3 finger tap gestures? No idea?

Unfortunately no, there haven't been similar reports yet (neither during the beta phase now now) ;-(
Are you on the latest version of BetterTouchTool? (2.641)

Yep, 2.641, can I send you debug info? Even tried enabling BTT with all my click/tap gestures set to MT2-only, but still screws up the click/tap on the MBP trackpad. Let me know if I can send you some kind of diagnostic info.

Hello, I just downloaded the latest BTT after upgrading to mojave , BTT starts and restart continuously !! any idea ?
I have that is working up but it is not the case on my setup !

hey, see this post :slight_smile:

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AUG 2020 and still my Bettersnaptool is NOT working even after trying to reset my brand new iMac that cost me over 4000 pounds.

why are you advertising that your app works when it apparently DOES not

I find this all rather underhand

I did use your tool on y previous mac without any problem so please either inform people that it will not work from Mojave onwards or find a fix.