Mojave: Microsoft precision mouse button not recognized

I am using a Microsoft Surface Precision mouse with my iMac and Mojave.

In High Sierra I created a trigger for the middle of the three side buttons. In Mojave this button is no longer recognized. The "Please Select a Trigger" field remains unimpressed when I click that middle button. Please look into it and try to fix it - loosing a button trigger that is physically present is a pity.

BTT can only recognize buttons that are recognized by the system. Maybe try installing a new version of your mouse drivers.

Thanks for the super quick reaction!

I am still puzzled because it worked perfectly with High Sierra, and Steermouse (a japanese system pref) "sees" that button. I installed Steermouse to fix the Bettertouchtool issue, but unfortunately Steermouse has some issues, too, so I deleted it again, and I am stuck with BetterTouchTool not seeing that button (which Steermouse does see, so the system probably does so, too).

I did not install any dedicated mouse driver - and with High Sierry BetterTouchTool +saw" all buttons and wheels.