Mojave: Microsoft precision mouse button not recognized

I am using a Microsoft Surface Precision mouse with my iMac and Mojave.

In High Sierra I created a trigger for the middle of the three side buttons. In Mojave this button is no longer recognized. The "Please Select a Trigger" field remains unimpressed when I click that middle button. Please look into it and try to fix it - loosing a button trigger that is physically present is a pity.

BTT can only recognize buttons that are recognized by the system. Maybe try installing a new version of your mouse drivers.

Thanks for the super quick reaction!

I am still puzzled because it worked perfectly with High Sierra, and Steermouse (a japanese system pref) "sees" that button. I installed Steermouse to fix the Bettertouchtool issue, but unfortunately Steermouse has some issues, too, so I deleted it again, and I am stuck with BetterTouchTool not seeing that button (which Steermouse does see, so the system probably does so, too).

I did not install any dedicated mouse driver - and with High Sierry BetterTouchTool +saw" all buttons and wheels.

Hi! I'm considering buying BTT but the lack of this particular button recognition is problematic.

Didn't know about Steermouse (thanks @Karsten_Seiferlin) and indeed it works. Seems the only software to be able to handle this mouse button in Catalina.

Still, I'd like to invest in BTT since it is way more complete – except for the lack of this button support.

Any hope of getting this to work @Andreas_Hegenberg ? Thanks.