Modify Keyboard Shortcut Behavior by Desktop or App

Is there a way to stop BTT keyboard shortcuts from working inside a Parallels VM?

For example, as a lifelong Windows user, I prefer using ⌘. to open Character Viewer. BTT works great at sending ⌃⌘␣ as the action to macOS when using the ⌘. shortcut. Unfortunately, it also captures ⌘. and sends ⌃⌘␣ instead in my Windows VM! So, my preferred shortcut no longer works in Windows. :roll_eyes:

I realize Parallels implements VMs as just another macOS desktop when in full screen. Would it be possible to add an option for keyboard shortcuts to activate only on Desktop n or Disable on Desktop n? Filtering by active app (e.g. Parallels or a browser) would be another great option.

If this is already possible, please enlighten me!