Modifier keys not continuously held

When using a modifier key with a Custom Click: Trigger Mouse Down action, the modifier is only clicked briefly instead of being held down continuously until the mouse_up command is issued.

Maybe you could have Trigger Key Down as an option in addition to Trigger Mouse Down. Then in the "Execute named trigger after removing last touching finger from trackpad:" section, you could execute two commands instead of one - middle_mouse_up as well as modifier_key_up.

BTT 2.605
macOS 10.13.6

that's not a bug, it's intended behavior. You can however assign the predefined actions to hold down modifier keys, e.g. the shift down and shift up actions.

I know I asked about an action to hold down a modifier key, but would you be able to include a press and release action as an option for each of these keys too?

Also, would it be possible to offer a trackpad gesture to execute a key sequence. Specifically, I’d like a gesture to be able to execute [cmd] [0], then [alt] afterwards (press and release for the alt key).

Thanks for your work,