Modifier keys for Volume (Small Step)

I've searched the documentation and the forums for this question, and did not see an answer. Perhaps I've just missed it.

Is there a way to recreate the standard keyboard behavior for the Volume keys, in which one press adjusts the volume, and Shift-Control-Volume adjusts volume in small steps?

I have created the Volume buttons. I also see the Volume Up/Down (Small Step) actions, but cannot figure out how to assign them to the Volume button with modifiers. Is this possible?

Please forgive the basic questions... I am totally new to BTT (but loving it!).

You need to use a command line utility to do it. I released a set of open source control strip widgets which handle modifier keys here:

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Thanks! It looks quite impressive! Also a bit intimidating for an amateur... :wink:

I am intrigued though, and even interested in a version of this. For my purposes / preferences, I'm a little less interested in the incremental icons indicating volume, or even the long-press mute capability (I prefer a stand-alone mute button). To my eyes, those also seem to be the more complicated bits, though obviously I could be totally wrong.

Would you say it's easy to modify those portions? Or maybe it's easy enough for me to make the "simpler" version? As I said, I'm totally new to BTT, though have been poking around and am comfortable experimenting. I am far from a coder, but have managed to cobble together a couple Applescripts. :slight_smile:

I may try to get yours installed, once I have a block of time. I appreciate your efforts - it truly looks amazing. Thanks for the help!

If you’re only looking to get the modifier key handling, then all you really need to do is:

  1. Download the btt-controllers (as per the installation instructions).
  2. View the preset in the Source Viewer, copy the Volume Up JSON, and paste it into BTT.
  3. Edit the Volume Up advanced configuration script to not do anything, and instead supply your own static icon in the BTT appearance tab for the widget. Alternatively, modify the script to always return your volume up icon of choice (the code is well documented).
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I'll give this a try. This will also help me get to know BTT better too. I really appreciate your help - thanks so much!