"Modifier key up" on "mouse button up" not working

Describe the bug
I'm a graphic artist working in Adobe Illustrator. I've had my shortcuts configured for a long time now, but a fault starting occurring yesterday. My shortcut for zooming in Illustrator has been configured like this:

By pressing down on the middle mouse button I was activating opt(down). This lets me then scroll up or down to control the zoom. On middle mouse button up, I was activating opt(up), thus leaving the zoom function. Now on mouse button up it's not triggering opt(up), so it's stuck in the zoom function with opt(down). I can't get it to end opt(down) without restarting BTT. What's more, the opt key is remaining down even when I switch applications, even though the shortcut is Illustrator-specific. I've restarted the computer and all applications multiple times to no avail.

Affected input device
Corsair GLAIVE RGB mouse

Device information:
iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)
OSx v10.14.1
BTT v2.685
Illustrator v23.0.1

Is this also happening in v2.687?

Just did the update, and yes, it does appear to still be happening in v2.687.

Ahhh I think I finally found the issue.
It should be fixed in v2.688 alpha!

Thank you so much! Awesome work!