Modifier group while a group is opened


I haven't find this answer on the forum so i'm sorry if it has already been addressed.

I have different groups for some applications so I can get different tool sets and I also have modifiers groups that shows on any applications for general tools.

When I have default MacOS touch bar or custom application "root" touch bar I can call the modifiers groups without issue but when I'm inside a group, the modifiers only remove the esc button and buttons I have on the right side of the touch bar but still show the current group.

Is there any way to force the group to close and show the modifier group regardless of the current opened group?

Here is some images to explain:

Ferdi custom touch bar:

Still on Ferdi with option modifier group:

Ferdi custom touch bar group opened:

With Ferdi group opened and option modifier group:


I've done some tests with my application and how I handle the groups and I would be happy if I could have different sets of buttons that I could trigger with a Named trigger but without having them in a group.

I don't know how to achieve it but I would like to have all the buttons at the application root and select
with a variable or anything else if the button is visible or not.

Does it makes sense?

Other update,

I've found the Show in any Touch Bar Group option and I enabled it for all my modifiers groups and it work over any open group which is really nice but I still have an issue if I have buttons on the left side of the touch bar because they still show with the modifier group and it shift all the others buttons to the right..