`missioncontrol_active` when only doc is visible

I'm using the missioncontrol_active advanced condition to close apps via right click in mission control. However since I updated my mac version to 14.3.1, I noticed that right clicks on the doc icons don't work anymore. After some investigation I found out that it was the missioncontrol_active condition in BTT. See the following video, where it updates live as I hover over the doc.

This used to work in previous versions.
If the doc is always visible (in my case it hides when not used), missinocontrol_active is always true.

that is strange, on my machines it still seems to work fine.

What BTT does for the missioncontrol_active variable is check the visible windows for a Dock window with "null" title (they are not real windows but still). Maybe for some reason there is such a window on your machine even if mission control is not active.
You can check yourself using the "visible windows viewer":

Have you already tried to restart your Mac? Maybe macOS accidentally forgot to hide such a (invisible) window and now it's stuck.

yes I had restarted my Mac and this problem persisted over the last couple weeks.
But just now I randomly switched on screen sharing in Privacy & Security for the Show Window Switcher for All Open Apps action and that made the right click on the dock work again and when I hover over the doc with the advanced condition window open as in the video I posted above, missioncontrol_active doesn't switch to 1 anymore.

It was such a phantom correlation that I switched BTT on and off in the screen sharing permission a couple times just to verify that's really it and yep, that's really it. As soon as that slider is off, BTT thinks mission control is active when I hover over the doc and as soon as the slider is on, BTT knows mission control is not active when I hover over the doc.

ah, that permission might be necessary because only with that BTT can access the API to read the window titles in all situations. (It’s not just for screen sharing, that’s unfortunately quite confusing)

Various things in BTT work only or work better with that permission