Mission control specific actions

I configured my mouse button to close selected window (which is 'All Apps' trigger), this is extremely useful with mission control. However, after I added same trigger for Chrome (which will just close current tab by sending Cmd+W) I noticed that in Mission Control my previous shortcut (close selected window) stopped to working if I run Mission Control from Chrome. If I run it from other apps it works just as expected.

I'd love to see Mission Control-specific triggers (just as we currently have with apps) so I can add more actions to it, not only fix this one. Or, at least, I think it will be quite useful too if BTT will drop context of current app when entering Mission Control and apply 'All apps'-triggers

unfortunately I don’t know of any way to detect whether mission control is active ;-(


I'm having the same request when I was trying to use the middle mouse button to close hovered window in Mission Control. I'm not sure but perhaps these links will help: