Missing Toolbar icon

MacBook (12 inch early 2016). OS X 10.13.6

I restored my time machine backup to a new, to me, computer. Unfortunately Better Touch didn't seem to restore (I may be wrong about that more later).

SO, I installed the dmg file from when I purchased it. This was a big mistake because the BT database DID restore - clearly there have been changes.

The icon showed up in the toolbar but no BT functions worked. And if I tried to change anything I just got a screen full of "Cannot save" dialog boxes.

I hunted down the database and deleted it. I then installed BT again with a fresh download. Now it works. BUT the toolbar icon is missing. This is what makes me think it is a bug since this is probably what I had after the TM restore.

I haven't found anyone else complain about this. And it is far from serious. Still, I miss being able to go into settings etc without snaking though launchpad.

Any ideas?

probably the "show menubar icon" option in the advanced preferences is not activated.

No. It is checked. Toggling it, restarting etc has no effect.

This is what I love about support forums - they give me a wonderful opportunity for public embarrassment. Same thing tends to happen on Stackoverflow.

I messed around at length with "show menubar". But since you were kind enough to post I went back and checked again. It was indeed off and turning it on has made it work as intended.

I shall now slink off and finish setting up this tiny little computer.

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