Missing old gestures?


I used an older version of BetterTouchTool for years on my old Mac and have some of the old gestures embedded deeply into my muscle memory. I just got a new computer and, of course, immediately had to download the app. Wow, things have changed a lot.

Anyway, I want to enable the old gesture where I hold down one finger (on the left) and then swipe down with two fingers on the right (which I used to use constantly as my gesture to close tabs), but I can't find this in the list of gestures in the tool now. Has this really been removed, or am I just missing it? Is there any workaround where I can add it back? I have to admit I'm kind of overwhelmed by the new interface and featureset, and the documentation seems somewhat incomplete, so I'm asking here.

I think you might be confusing apps because such a gesture has not been in BetterTouchTool before.
Also the interface hasn't really changed yet - there is a new UI in the works, but it's not yet released.

The most similar gestures are the tip swipes, but there you keep two fingers fixed and swipe with one finger.

You know, you're right! I could have sworn I was using your app, but I did some further research and realized I wasn't.

Thanks for your quick response. Your app looks great and seems like a real achievement, but I think I'm going to stick with what I've implanted into my muscle memory over the past 5+ years.

All the best!