Mirror Touch Bar to BTT Remote

I used to use the aptly-named TouchBarDemoApp to use my iPad Pro 12.9" as an external Touch Bar, and it was amazing. It even came with a full-size Mac keyboard, allowing me to (theoretically) ditch my hardware keyboard entirely. (In practice, the software Mac keyboard didn't work with the system autocomplete, making it difficult to type with, but I digress.)

Recently, due to incompatibilities with Mojave, TouchBarDemoApp and its iOS client stopped working. The developer definitely isn't going to update this.

Could Touch Bar mirroring could be added to BTT Remote? Bonus points for a software Mac keyboard.

Is there any plan, to continue work on making the BTT remote more like the Touch Bar? I love being able to modify my Touch Bar and find it very usefully on the go. I have an old iPhone that I leave plugged in at home on my desk and use a mechanical keyboard at home and would love to be able to use BTT remote like a Touch Bar experience while home? I haven't seen any new update on this, has it been abandoned?

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@Andreas_Hegenberg care to comment on whether this could happen now? Especially relevant since Sidecar’s Touch Bar implementation was nuked in favor of Apple’s weird proprietary thing.

I would use the crap out of BTT remote if it could show the BTT Touch Bar.

Agreed!!! I would LOVE to be able to use the Remote more like the touchbar, utilizing old phones/ipads to become a touchscreen (large touchbar, really). Ideally you could customize the layout of all the buttons/triggers you have set up and make the phone/tablet a functioning touchbar --Remote app as it is...is, okay.... but it could be amazing if there's some updates and new functions. Especially now that Apple is no longer making laptops with touchbars (SO SAD), being able to use the remote app this way would be a game changer.

Newbie here, still testing the ropes with BTT.
Will be great to see the implementation of mirroring the TouchBar after BTT setup into an iPad via BTT remote App!!!

That will encourage potential new users to continue using BTT as we migrate to newer Non-Touchbar Macbook Pro laptops, and maybe even new users that can jump into the BTT boat if they are using Apple desktops too.