Mirror Displays Option?


I'm looking for a quick way to toggle "mirror displays" on a macbook with a touchbar. Unless I'm missing it, it doesn't look like it's an option. They keyboard shortcut is:

fn + command + brightness down

I'd love if I could just push a button on the touchbar. Anyone figure out how to do this?



I thought the very same thing - I was expecting it to be in the preset actions list because surely it seems like such a logical thing to want to automate?? In the end i explored running an automator script which counted down menu items to mimic how a user would click with mouse but it wouldn't work 100% depending on which airplay devices were present and what they were called because the order might be different etc Hardly ideal!


I'm also facing the same limitation due to Apple disabling CMD+F1. Hope someone can help us out. It's veru useful for thos eof us with multi-monitor setups.