Minimize windows without animation


just wondering BTT has deeper integration to macOS compared to applescript.
so it might be possible bypass window animations with this workaround

Clicking yellow button hides app (has no animation) then store window ID
minimize target window on background
then show app again

I need to try, but if I remember correctly the system will unhide the window if I call a minimize operation while the window is hidden.

so window managing on hidden apps not allowed by macos
i couldnt get windows for hidden apps on applescript either
thanks anyways i hope there is another way

basically yes and unfortunately Apple protected some of the remaining "advanced" private windowing APIs with Sonoma. So they can not be used anymore without disabling System Integrity Protection anymore.

what an apple thing :slight_smile: i wish they include window animations to reduce motion setting. i have to work many windows system feels slower compared to windows os. this one much annoying thing in system since i started to use macos 8 years ago

Just FYI:
If you change this to "Scale Effect", it will be a bit faster:

already using that :slight_smile: thanks for suggestion