Minimalistic v1.0 (edit: v.1.1)

A clean minimalistic approach on the BTT. It is a personal approach, but due to its simplicity also a good starting point for others.

Included buttons:

  • Sinlge button to control Spotify! Tap to play/pause, (hold) swipe left/right to skip song (Inspired by preset "GestureSlider")
  • Weather for today
  • Screenshot
  • Lock screen
  • (Finder) Open terminal in current directory
  • two finger swipe: control volume
  • three finger swipe: control brightness

Edit: v1.1

  • reversed the swipe action to mimmick the Spotify app itself
  • extra mute-button for volumw
  • for trackpad: extra volume turn-knob (two finger rotate)
  • extra gimmick that shows time and converted color as background

Minimalistic-v1.1.bttpresetcompressed (85.3 KB)