Minimal Touch Bar with Music Player

Just the bare necessities

This config is geared towards those of us that frequently listen to music / podcasts while using the computer, and for the most part avoid using the Touch Bar altogether. This minimal, distraction free config is setup to show the most basic useful information and provides a few helpful shortcuts for commonly used audio and display functions.

It includes a dedicated Touch Bar button and keybinding (Fn) to quickly toggle between BTT and the stock MacOS Touch Bar (useful for changing keyboard backlight brightness or accessing app specific configs).

Download Link


Default display, with MacBook connected to power

Default display, with MacBook using battery power

Display Preferences Menu

Preview of Toggle to MacOS default Touch Bar (with Photoshop open)

Hope this is useful to someone out there!


I love how it looks! you have a download link by chance?

I'm glad you like it! Sorry about forgetting to add the download link.

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