MidiTriggers will not be deactivated!

I set up a few MIDI-Triggers to control Music with my KORG nanokontrol under the section "All Apps".
After that I put Logic Pro in the Applications list and changed the settings to "deactivate when running".

Now, when I open Logic, the icon in the menubar fades to greyed out, the common keyboard settings I made for my computer are disabled, but the Midi-Triggers are still active, so now I control Logic and Music at the same time with my midi-device. I think, Midi-Triggers aren't disabled.

I tested a little bit. If I manually deactivate BTT completely for all apps, Midi Triggers are still working, so it seems there's a general problem with deactivating Midi Triggers, not only in specific apps.

Thanks for your help

iMac 2017
macOS Catalina 10.15.5
BBT 3.389 (1612)

I posted this bug over a month ago and the developer didn’t even reply, that the failure is known or that he’s working on a fix.

This community is the main way to post bugs?

I bought the actual version with lifetime updates mainly cause of the midi functionality which is buggy. I better have kept my old version ...

Updated to Version 3.400 (1627) today. Problem is still there!

Still on my TODO list but will probably be implemented in one of the next alphas.

Thanks for your reply.