MIDI Slider for the TouchBar

I've fully customised my TouchBar for Ableton but feel it's missing a feature of MIDI faders. Would love to be able to control my Ableton synths and effects using sliders.

A similar request is it'd be nice if BTT could "tell" the Touch Bar to send pitch wheel commands on a specific midi channel.

The Mackie HUI interface protocol (used for remote control of most mixing boards) uses pitch wheel commands to control the sliders.

As a full-time musician, I use a midi foot switch to remote control the vocal effects mix sliders on a digital mixing board (they change based on the song).

If I could just move the mix slider where I want using the Touch Bar and read out the pitch wheel data number for that position via the Touch Bar, I can enter that into what the midi foot switch sends to the mixing board for each song.

Not a dealbreaker, but it would be very convenient vs. guessing what value moves the slider to what location.

Another vote for implementing MIDI Out messages using buttons and sliders!