Middle Mouse Button + CMD + OPT

I want to use BTT with Ableton Live and a 3rd Party mouse. One of my goals is, to push the middle mouse button to be able to drag my view around.
The shortcut for this is CMD + OPT then click and drag.
But I am having trouble setting this up.

I have successfully managed to create a trigger for this, but only it I my world when I am pushing the Middle Mouse Button once, then I can drag the screen and push it again to let it go again.

But I want to push and hold the button to make this work and release it to go back to normal.

I have set it up like this:

Middle Mouse Button (press down): CMD (press) + OPT (press) + Mouse drag start

Middle Mouse Button (press up): CMD(release) + OPT(release) + Mouse drag stop

I simply need this:

Middle Mouse Button (press and hold): CMD + OPT + Click

Maybe someone can help ?

Thanks in advance