Middle Click works only if finger is lifted and placed back again?

Is this supposed to work like this: my configured middle click works only if I lift my finger up from the left side of the magic mouse and place it back down to the middle area.

If I slide/drag my finger from left to middle area (keeping contact to the mouse surface), middle click does not work, a left click will be performed. Touch live view shows that BTT is recognizing my finger to be in the middle area, but does not perform the middle click, if it's slided to the area.

Only if finger loses contact from the left surface an makes contact again in the middle area will make middle click working. Bug or feature? I think it's annoying, and would be much more comfortable if sliding the finger to the middle area would also work.

yes it’s supposed to work like that because the other options just produce too many false middle clicks. However I think there is an option in the BtT settings to allow retrigger without lifting (not at my computer currently, can check later)

Before using BetterTouch I had another app for configuring mouse actions. This app worked fine with just sliding my finger to the middle area. I switched to BetterTouch because the other one was discontinued and does not work with Catalina.

Well, that's why I'm very used to the sliding gesture for many years. I must re-learn my mouse using for BetterTouch. And I think it's uncomfortable, especially because it feels like you have to make a little pause before replacing the finger after lifting it up. If you are to quick, BetterTouch acts like you slided the finger. It doesn't recognize the middle click and performs a left click.

Can't find any setting regarding this behaviour. Would appreciate if you can explain where the options are located. Thanks in advance.

I think I was wrong, the option only exists for two finger clicks. Maybe in the future!

I hope in very soon future. :wink:

Experienced another annoying behaviour: if I scroll through e.g. a forum and want to open several threads in new browser tabs by middle clicking, i cannot just scroll and click, i really must lift the finger after every scroll move. Even if the finger never got out the middle area. I scroll in the middle area of the mouse and want to perform a middle click right after scrolling, but first I must lift the finger from the mouse.

A vintage clickwheel mouse from the 1990ies is more comfortable, where you can just scroll and click and must not lift your finger several times in-between. :wink: Nix für ungut.

Probably not too soon as I'm working on lots of other stuff currently. If you need this feature right now I'd look for another tool, but I'm putting it on my TODO list :slight_smile:
(it has been like this for 10 years in BTT and there haven't been many requests to change this, thus the priority is not super high for me)