Middle click used for Mission Control / Expose triggers window snapping

BTT has one particular behaviour which annoys me, and I don't know if I am missing something in the configuration, or should it be treated as a bug.

I use middle mouse heavily for app switching in Mission Control. No matter if I configure the shortcuts directly in System Settings or in BTT, entering or exiting Mission Control view by middle clicking very often triggers unintentional window snapping. I tried experimenting with different window snapping delays, but it does not help.

Is there any way to limit BTT to trigger window snapping on left click events only?

Demonstration video: BTT middle click window snapping

weird, BTT shouldn't listen to middle clicks for window snapping.
Are you using a standard middle click? What kind of mouse are you using?

I am using generic 3-button USB Dell mouse at work and 5-button Logitech USB at home. No 3rd party drivers installed. I can trigger window snapping every time by middle-click dragging to edges of the screen.

thanks, I'll look into it and fix it if possible!

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Just curious - did you reproduce the same behaviour, or is it specific to my installation?

I think this should be fixed with 4.352 alpha!

Yes, 4.353 stable does not have this issue any longer. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the express fix! :zap: