Middle Click Paste Highlighted Text (stored in different buffer than clipboard) like Linux

Hi there

I'm looking to see how to get a

Middle Click feature which pastes text

that was highlighted somewhere else

This text is stored in different buffer than the clipboard buffer.

Basically a middle click button that behaves just like Linux.

I can't seem to set it up in current btt app, because I want it to work in textboxes (when a keyboard input is required. Not when I want to open a URL in a new tab in firefox for example.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

bump, me too!

Sorry, macOS doesn't store the currently highlighted text anywhere, thus BTT won't be able to access that. Or did I misunderstand?

Hi Andreas,
I'm not a pro in macOS,
but as an example, if I highlight a text, and I drag it with the mouse (pressing down the right button), it is storing that information some how.

Are you able to do a 'fake' drag and drop, but make it feel like a linux middle click paste?

Please let me know, thanks in advance!

+1 I'm missing this feature so much after switching from Linux to MacOS...