Middle Click doesn't work on Catalina

Hello, I updated my macos to catalina.

Since I work with SketchUp I have to use middle Click for orbit and pan. When I setup 3 finger touch to middle Click it doesn't work on SketchUp it comes and appears less than a second and gone. How can I make it constantly clicking during I hold my 3 finger on track pad.

Thank you for your helps.


I, too, am having issues with Middle Click on Catalina. I'm trying to use it for opening links in new tabs in Chrome, though, so I'll post/start a new thread just for my issue.

I just wanted to concur that Middle Click is not working as it should on Catalina,

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If your purpose is just for using for web browsers you can try command + click this must instead middle click.

Some of us have to do this frequently, and need to open multiple links quickly in new tabs without accessing the keyboard.

Not to mention that the very point of BTT is to assign gestures to the mouse/trackpad that eliminate excessive use of the keyboard, when it is not convenient to do so.


I'm also experiencing this problem. I've assigned it to "three finger tap" but it breaks down periodically. If I click BTT icon for once to open it's menu, then middle click starts to work again for a while (maybe hours...). This is only the case for this action, other gestures/shortcuts always works as expected.

Is there any solution for this?


Temporarily, I have assigned the Middle Mouse Button to a 4-finger tap. It's a little cumbersome and will require weeks to accommodate and develop the habit of use for it to be efficient, but I guess it's a solution. My biggest disappointment is that this seems like the simplest of features that Apple does not offer out of the box. BetterTouchTool should be aiming to make these critical, simple gestures their priority, then all the glitzy, glamorous stuff (like automating scripts and executing code with mouse gestures) a bonus feature.

But, I realize I'm just one user. Perhaps some feedback from other investors in this software would be helpful. A poll, maybe? Anyway, for now, I'm trying to make the app worth my money. Let me know what anyone else thinks, ...


I was able to get a three-finger middleclick to work quite well in Catalina AFTER unchecking "fingers must be nearby each other" in Settings > Magic Mouse > Clicks.