Microsoft Word combined with BTT

Hi guys,

So, the thing is, I'm new to BTT. I use custom preset (mostly from NeonTouchBar) as follows:

The problem is, I'd like to use Microsoft Word standard touchbar, as I do find it very useful, especially, in terms of style selection. But I'd also like to include there the right part of my custom preset (Date/Time, battery first of all). Is it possible to combine those or somehow get Microsoft Word preset and modify it for use within BTT?

Unfortunately this is not possible but you can show the standard Touch Bar for Word if you want. Mixing BTT and original Touch Bar is not possible.

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Ok got it. But is it possible to somehow show microsoft word styles in BTT? I doubt that it possible to do the same way as in native office touch bar but maybe at least couple of designated styles?
I don't know Apple Script or BTT that well.

you can make your own buttons that do what you want in Word or dm me i think i can help

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Hey can you help me with that please I have to create a BTT Microsoft Word and I don’t know how to do it please if someone can help me I will appreciate it

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