Microsoft Teams float / stay on top of all windows on Mac

PLEASE help me multi-task through Teams calls! :grinning:

After a decade of using Zoom on a Mac, I'm now having to use Microsoft Teams on Mac. (Fun times!)

Zoom has a great feature called "Keep on Top" that allows the full Zoom window (speakers, screen share, chat, etc) to float on top of all other windows at all times, can be resized, and can be moved around the screen - and still float on top.

  1. Does BTT support this capability?

  2. If so, what product and what do I need to buy?

  3. How do I configure this?

I have searched through the forums and docs but still unsure.

I'm ready to buy, install, configure, and get back to livin'!

Thanks in advance!

Mac OS: Sonoma 14.2.1
MS Teams: Version 23335.208.2601.834