Merging // editing touchbar presets?

Ok next question!

One: say I make some changes to a preset and want to save them in the event that I want to try out another preset and don't like the setup. Want to make sure I can just jump back to a copy of my old version. I'm not seeing an obvious way to do this.

Two: I like the Golden Chaos tool as a base but I'm seeing some other presets that have better media options. Is there a way for me to just copy those functions/triggers and then add them over to my own custom preset??

1: Any edit you make on a preset will save. You can now open any preset you like, and then go back to your original one easily, with the changes you made still there. If you really want, you can simply back up BTT.
2: Yes, you can copy the triggers and stuff from one preset and add it to another. To copy an App, right click it and press 'Copy App and all Triggers'. To copy a group, right click it and click 'Copy'. To copy a trigger, right click it and press 'Copy'.

Can you tell me please where to right click an app?
either the old UI or the newer doesnt let you right click on the app icons

I have a real mess with lots of presets, want to have just one, but cannot find the real way to merge them into one..

I am using the dropbox settings sync, maybe that's the problem, dunno, but its getting me crazy...