Menubar Icon Color

Is there a way to make a custom menubar icon change depending on the background color (something like how the actual menubar icons behave)?

if you use a black/white/transparent png icon, BTT/macOS does this automatically

Should color invert automatically with text as well? (I have an apple script that returns text)

Here are the settings I am using:
CleanShot 2022-10-30 at 16.13.51@2x

Text stays black on black background (in fullscreen menubar)

Unfortunately not, I should probably add this as an option.

It should also work to return a different color depending on the mode using Apple Script

tell application "System Events"
	if (dark mode of appearance preferences is true) then
		return "{\"text\":\"dark mode\",                                                 
\"font_color\": \"100,200,100,255\"}"
		return "{\"text\":\"light mode\",                                                 
\"font_color\": \"50,200,40,255\"}"
	end if
end tell

However this doesn't seem to work currently. I'm checking what's wrong here.