menu windows opening with 4.157

Hi, since I upgraded to 4.157 (and paid for a license), when I tap on my mouse, right-click windows open up and get in the way of whatever I am trying to do---whether it be type or navigate, etc. It didn't used to do this.

I have a very old MacBook Pro Mid 2012 running version 10.15.7 so I don't know if that is the issue.

But it is practically unusable and I'm back to actually clicking on my mouse, which is hurting my fingers and the very reason I chose BetterTouch Tool to begin with!

Please advise, is there anything that can be done about this? Should I downgrade to a previous version? I need to fix this problem ASAP!

what kind of menus? Maybe you have configured a right click action in the „normal mouse“ section in BTT

Maybe post a screenshot of the menus, that would help

Here is a screenshot of how I have BTT set up:

and a video of what it is doing--note that when I left tap, as I have set it up in BTT, a right-click menu pops up and won't go away until I press "esc". But then if I left click the mouse, pressing down on it (not using BTT), the menu does not pop up.

I appreciate your help.

Ah, you have assigned left click and right click to a single finger tap on the Magic Mouse. This means a single finger tap will first create a left click, followed immediately by a right click.

What you probably wanted is this:

That solved the problem. Thank you!