Menu stays on top of windows when it should be at desktop level

My floating window is set to "same as desktop Icons" and on hover it becomes "Maximum float on top".

It works great until I press a button to do something, mostly open some system settings, but it stays floating on top even after I move the mouse away.

Is there a fix or setting for this?


Quick question: are you using submenus in your floating menu? I think I can reproduce the issue when using submenus. I'll fix that.

No I'm not using submenus. Just just multiple buttons

would you be able to share that menu with me? (right click export to file, send to

Thanks Andreas.

I've emailed you.

I think your setup should now be working with 4.508 alpha

Yeah that fixed it, It's a bit temperamental. Don't know if it's something serious you'd want to know about. Above is screen recording of the menu in action. (deletes after 1 month)., It worked on the 3rd click.