Menu Item appearance manipulation

What is the proper way to change Menu Item's background color when it gets clicked? Right now I'm running async applescript as the first Menu Item Trigger (where I manipulate BTTMenuItemBackgroundColor, BTTMenuItemBackgroundType...) but that feels too manual.

On click:

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
	update_menu_item "foo-bar" json "{BTTMenuItemBackgroundColor: '17, 107, 255', BTTMenuItemBackgroundColorDark: '17, 107, 255', BTTMenuItemBackgroundType: 4, BTTMenuItemBackgroundTypeDark: 4 }"
end tell

that's currently the correct / only way. (also see Changing color of a button? - #19 by Andreas_Hegenberg)

However I'm working on an action which also will allow to update a menu item's properties, it will come with the same UI as for configuring a menu item. Soon!

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