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Hello all,

I'm new to BTT and I'm a fan already!
Still learning my way through the settings and have a some questions relating to the GoldenChaos preset.

  1. On the left hand pane, I see:
    "Menu Bar [Hide Browser Tabs]" and
    "Menu Bar [Show Browser Tabs]"

Is there way to only display these when the menu bar is expanded to large?

  1. In the Touch Bar > Menu Bar settings, there are 3 collapse menu bar toggles.
    I only want to toggle between medium and large.
    However, deleting the "Collapse Menu Bar (to Small)" would mess up the toggle - the arrow goes missing after shrinking to medium. (Bug?)

  2. I have specified a custom time format: E dd-MMM h:mm a
    But it keeps reverting back to the default, which is E MMM d h:mm a
    Why is that?

Your help is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Hey there! So sorry for the delay; the crisis has definitely caught up with me. But I’m powering through!

  1. Not currently, but I will definitely take this feedback into consideration!
  2. You should NOT edit the GoldenChaos preset directly. Right now, it’s hard-coded to have the three sizes, so there isn’t a way to only have two. However, I will also make a note of this suggestion :smiley:
  3. This is something I’m currently working on! I will be adding a section to the GoldenChaos settings window for customizing the specifics of each date/time format!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi @GoldenChaos, thank you for your response! I'll definitely be on the lookout for these to be implemented.
Hope everything is well.

What's the recommended way to edit the preset?
And I think I've found a bug after posting my initial questions.

  • MacOS Menu bar (the system one that's on the very top of the screen) is unclickable almost everytime BTT/GoldenChaos configuration is opened. So that's File, Edit, Presets, View, Help, all unclickable...

A restart of the BTT app doesn't help, neither does restarting the mac...

So to bring back the menu bar (so File, Edit, Presets, View, Help are clickable), what you have to do is, click on another application (e.g. Chrome) and switch back to BTT/GoldenChaos configuration!
Definitely a bug here
#bug #bug-reports

I think that’s a BTT issue, not a GC issue - @Andreas_Hegenberg pinging you on this bug report!

The recommended way to edit the preset is to enter the BTT configuration window, create your own preset, and copy the GC widgets you wish to edit into your own preset. Then you can disable the original GC ones!

Once you’ve done that, you’ve effectively got a copy of the widget that is totally disconnected from GC and won’t automatically change when you change the GC settings. It also won’t get overwritten when you update GC! So you can freely modify it using the BTT config window and not have to worry about the menu bar resize control changing your date, etc.

Unfortunately that menubar thingy is a bug in macOS with "background apps" that show a window. ;-( I have reported it to Apple already. It seems to happen more often on some systems than on others but I haven't found a real pattern.