MBP Migration assistant - now got issues.

Hi. I hope somebody can help please. I'm lost without BTT.

I bought a new MBP and used Migration Assistant to import the Time Machine back up from my old MBP. Better touch tool opens and shows my presets etc. However none of the functions are working. I decided I should perhaps delete the app and re-install it. Before doing so I wanted to backup my presets so I can re-install them quickly. However when I go to export them I get this message - "The file couldn't be saved because you dont have permissions". I have therefore not deleted BTT.

It seems like the Migration Assistant has moved everything across ok, but I don't have permission to use BTT on my new MBP due to licence issues perhaps?

If I go to BTT and right click to show package contents I can see various files. Where are my presets located please? I thought I could copy this file. Delete and reinstall the app and drop the file back in perhaps?

Help please.