Map two finger trackpad drags and pinches to other actions?

I work in several graphics apps, and they all have slightly different ways of getting around a view. As an example, blender offers very good trackpad controls (full horizontal and vertical scrolling for orbiting, and pinch for zoom), while SketchUp is optimized for mouse use and only uses vertical trackpad scrolling for zooming. Similarly, Adobe 2D apps are pretty inconsistent (Illustrator allows panning and pinch zooming with the trackpad, but After Effects allows zooming with vertical scroll or pinch but needs a spacebar drag to pan the view).

It would be AMAZING if there were some way to unify this by mapping two finger trackpad drags (no click) to other actions such as middle mouse drag for SketchUp or spacebar + left mouse drag for Adobe apps and pinches mapped to smooth vertical scrolling (currently the closest is to have a repeating pinch gesture mapped to scroll increments, but that is jumpy).

Hope that all makes sense. Happy to elaborate further. Thanks!