Map mouse click, double click and drag/drop to single key keyboard

I have purchased a single key keyboard for use as a mouse clicker on my Mac (I have a disability and have difficulty using a traditional mouse). I am trying to set it up with Better Touch Tool to perform the following actions:

  1. One key press equals one mouse click
  2. Two key presses equal a double mouse click
  3. Holding the key down initiates the drag and releasing it drops the drag.

Using the macro software that came with the keyboard, I have assigned it to the F13 key so that Better Touch Tool will recognize it. However, I am only able to get to step 2 in my sequence. My single click works, double click works, but click and drag will not work at all.

Any suggestions?

I haven't tested this, but I think you need a custom left click. Under

2 actions

(1) Press and hold a key = custom left click, down

(2) Release key = custom left click, up