Map `Insert` key to Apple `Fn` key on mechanical keyboards

Hello community.

For almost an hour I’ve been trying to map the Insert key of my mechanical keyboard to the Apple Fn key so I can press said key plus the function keys to trigger the special functions assigned to each F1–F12 key in macOS, but unfortunately without success. This topic and why I would do that is discussed in detail in this thread on GitHub

I managed to create a keyboard shortcut with the Insert key … it’s being displayed as ? in BetterTouchTool, though. I also managed to assign the action fn Key Down to this shortcut … but it doesn’t work as intended.

Would be very happy, if anyone could help out.

PS: I got it working with Karabiner Elements immediately, but I would like to use BetterTouchTool for this, as I’m using BetterTouchTool anyways.

Bettertouchtool is not a key remapping tool, you should continue to use Karabiner Elements for this. (It would also be possible using built in macOs key remapping techniques but this is a bit complicated Technical Note TN2450: Remapping Keys in macOS 10.12 Sierra )

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Thank you very much, I will have a look at the macOS integrated technique.

This looks rather good, to be honest. Unfortunately, though, I cannot find the value for the Fn key in the table shown on that site.

:cry: it’s possible that the fn key can’t be remapped using this technique, I can check later today. What kind of keyboard are you working with?

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Thank you for offering your help. I think I figured it out. Nope, it does not work, I still had Karabiner running in the background. :roll_eyes:

I’m working with a KBD75 rev 2 PCB for this purpose; not sure if this information helps; it’s supported by QMK and VIA, and I’m using it with VIA.

Here’s a rather useful post on stackexchange which helped, in addition to the link you posted above, figuring this out.

PS: And here on stack exchange you can read how to make this change persistent.

Okay, unfortunately it seems that it’s not possible to somehow emulate the Apple fn key on a non-Apple keyboard via e.g. hidutilThe Apple Fn Key · Issue #2179 · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub