map gamepad Wingman to keystrokes in Pinball

I have an iMac 2017 21,5 with macOS 10.14.5 and BTT 3.071 licensed.

I want to use a Logitech Wingman Precision USB to play Zen Pinball 2.

Zen Pinball needs key strokes like shift-left, shift-right, enter etc.

How to map gamepad Wingman to have these keystrokes in Pinball by BTT?

Any idea?

I had a limited license for BTT which is invalid now. I should buy a new one. But I wont do this as long as Support for USB-HID-Gamepad/Joystick is not implemented/realized!!!
when will come this:

BTT wants to be a universal input handler. So there should be gamepads, joysticks and all other USB input devices included.

Instead having a sophisticated license policy BTT should focus on this.

BTT doesn't want to be anything, it is what it is and features are added based on demand and ease of development.

This feature is still something that might be added, but there are things that are much more requested, thus it's currently not a priority and I don't even have a gamepad. So it's totally fine to not buy a new license if you don't need the features covered by the newer versions.

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