Make notch bar height configurable

I like the notch bar approach and will most likely use it in the future.

But why is the notch bar some points higher than the actual notch? In my case it hides a good portion of a fullscreen window.

I would request to make the total height of the notchbar configurable to the user.

Excuse me if this feature already exists and i didn't find it yet :slight_smile:


unfortunately this height is set by Apple and can not be changed as far as I know (but if I ever find a way I’ll make it configurable)

ah thats bad... i also already tried to make the background transparent in html/css and then add a custom black layer in the correct height but that wasn't succesdful either.

would that be an approach? to somehow get rid of the black background and dropshadow?

Thanks for your quick reply btw

no, that wouldn’t help because BTT just overlays the system standard bar, so making the BTT bar smaller would not help because then the system bar would show under

in my case i use an external monitor as primary, so the MacBook screen with the notch does not have a system bar at all.

this means you have disabled the „displays have separate spaces“ option in macOS? How does it behave then? Can you drag windows behind the notch?

this means you have disabled the „displays have separate spaces“ option in macOS?

yes, didn't even think of that as it has been like that since ever :slight_smile:

windows always snap back to directly under the notch, so the space to the sides of it is completely useless. notchbar could come to the rescue but is just those few pixels to high. see photos

Notch bar disabled for reference:

I think for this specific setup I can make the size configurable, I’ll do some tests soon!

great! thanks and have a nice weekend!

Hi Andreas, is this still a feature you consider implementing? Would be great if so! :slight_smile: thanks!