Make it more flowing: Action-Triggers select directly shortcut input


to speed up the workflow, I'd like to press "+" to add an action trigger and directly next I want to type in the key I want to have. Right now, this works here only with the group triggers, not with the action triggers. It seems this might be dependent on how the columns sizes are within BTT? Please look at the picture, as you can see on the right side there is a graphical issue. Everytime I want to assign a keyboard trigger, I have to move the mouse first and select it then. Could be faster. :slight_smile:

Interesting, I noticed that too :slight_smile: I have a shortcut that creates a new action and goes directly to my favorites.

Do you mind to post a screenshot of yours? A shortcut to create a shortcut... wow, you are deep down in the Alice in wonderland BTT spiral, Frank, no? :wink:

Klar, muss schnell machen, bin auf dem Sprung :slight_smile:

Einfach den BTT shortcut für neue Aktion, Maus geht auf meine "Lieblingsaktionen", linksklick. Und Pausen, wo nötig.