Make Floating Menus A Separate App

Hi Andreas. As a former worldwide Product Marketing Manager, I wanted to pass on the STRONG suggestion to move the floating menus to a separate app. You have to fight the urge to give BetterTouchTool (BTT) feature-itis. I've been down that road. Also, IMO, BTT needs to keep it's place in the mind by remaining in its established category. When people develop products and services, they forget all about the consumer's mind (mindshare). I can list company after company that has failed at this (many with which you're familiar). I have some other ideas for this other app, but would suggest we communicate privately about this issue.

I have been told to stop adding features or make them into separate apps for almost 15 years now :sweat_smile:
The Touch Bar? Didn't really fit in an app for gesture customization. Yet it was a big hit, standalone apps for Touch Bar customizations? They did OK but not compared to BTT.
Similar for the Stream Deck, same for the clipboard manager, key sequences and so many other actions :slight_smile: They would all make good separate apps, but they also bring a lot of value to BTT.

Actually the floating menus really fit perfectly and I wanted to have them for years. It’s hard to see from the outside, but I‘m able to consolidate so many things with them. Stream Deck, Notch Bar and BTT Remote rendering will soon all be based on the floating menu architecture. Yet they themselves can leverage the whole BTT infrastructure.

Creating a separated app and keeping it maintained is a lot of work, which I can not handle even if I wanted to. But I agree that if I were more people and wanted to make more money it would make sense to have multiple separate apps. However BTT is doing great and I absolutely I enjoy the flexibility I have by working on it completely on my own :slight_smile:
If a feature doesn't work out I also have no problem with removing it again (e.g. Leap Motion support in the past), however for the floating menus I have already received a lot of great feedback, so I don't think they will be going away :slight_smile:

The various features in BTT can work together in ways that make them really powerful and the process of developing them helps to improve other areas of BTT as well. (e.g. some UI and backend performance work done for the floating menus now directly benefits other parts of BTT)


If Floating Menus was a separate app, it would have to also include all of BTT's functionality to actually drive the menus you create. I mean, the BTT guts under is what makes the feature what it is.

BTT's main target audience is Mac automation fans, and these people tend to want to automate everything. BTT is a Swiss army knife of automation, and something like floating menus seems pretty fitting and solidifying its place in its category by adding it. It's not like BTT is adding a dating tab or something.

Yes, there's many services that apps from bloat and turn to shit and wither away, but a lot of these apps accept VC money, start prioritizing revenue and growth instead of being true to themselves, and finally start adding revenue-chasing and actively user hostile features to keep up with they over-grown companies. There's no fear of that here though.

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exactly :+1: