Major bug when switching the presents

OSX: 10.14.1 Mojave Beta
Better touch tools: 2.645

So far I've never experience bug of this magnitude with better touch tools... Basically I have my main present where I keep all my gestures. I've decided to create another present to allow me to add additional functionality to my workflow. I've assigned key to switch between the presents. When I switch from my main present to my secondary present, not only all the keys start to behave weirdly, but it actually deleted like 1/3 of my global shortcuts! I have no backup of these shorcuts so I'm really frustrated. when I first tried it it only rearranged all my shorcuts but the second time I actually switched the present, they actually got deleted. I'm not new to better touch tools and I used to use the functionality of switching the presents in the past, so there must be some bug introduced by the newer version. Is it possible to fix this? I really need to switch between the presents in my current workflow