MagicMouse - Trackpad Mode still available?!

Hey all,

I've just purchased BTT and LOVE IT - I have one question though.

I recently purchased a Magic Mouse 2, my laptop touchpad is no longer used, however I miss the ease of moving the mouse with just a finger. I could do this with the touchpad, whereas with my new mouse I need to physically move it.

I searched online and came across other people with my problem (link:

They said this can be achieved with BetterTouchTool and something called 'Trackpad Mode' - I imagine this allows you to move the mouse by moving your finger over the Magic Mouse, emulating the way a trackpad/touchpad works.

The problem? I can't find this setting!

So, can anybody point me in the right direction in how I can achieve this?

Many thanks,

It is still there, but really only for special usecases like when giving a presentation. As a daily driver the magic mouse touchpad is definitely not good enough for moving the mouse.

If you want to try it, assign the predefined action "Magic Mouse Touchpad Mode On / Off" to some trigger in BTT.

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