Magic Trackpad - Don't allow tap to click

Biggest complaint of the newest MBPs by Apple - size of the trackpad -- white typing, all too often a touch by the hand while typing moves the cursor and you find yourself typing in the middle of existing text. Yes, proper hand placement means you are not resting your hands, but let's be real.

BTT has a feature (don't allow tap to click on the left/right edge) that allows you to reduce the tapping area by up to 20%. It helps, but not great yet. Here's what I would suggest:

  1. Have three choices: (a) reduce area on left; (b) reduce area on right; and (c) reduce both equally
  2. Increase the % from 20 up to 40. 20 is just too narrow, and 40 is probably too much. But if you could reduce one side by 40 (which may be different sides depending on your dominant hand), it would get rid of this terrible design flaw guy Apple. The pad is too big and the inadvertent cursor jump is incredibly frustrating.