Magic Track Pad 2 zoom in/out gesture for Photoshop CC 2020

I am trying to set up a touch gesture to zoom in and out in Photoshop using the Magic Trackpad 2. For example, a 3 finger swipe down zooms in and a 3 finger swipe up zooms out. How can I set up this gesture using the BTT configurator?

BTT 3.346
Photoshop CC 2020
OSX Catalina

Can the default OSX zoom in/out pinch gesture be replaced for a swipe up/down gesture using BTT?

Just assign Cmd-- to one gesture and Cmd-+ to the other. That should do the trick.

Yes, that works and produces an incremental zoom in/out effect requiring repeated gestures to achieve a specific zoom level.

In OSX disabling the Show Spotlight search shortcut in System Preferences, allows Photoshop to use the Cmd+Spaceabr short cut to execute a fluid zoom in/out with the mouse.
The action is as follow:
With a Photoshop document open press Cmd+Spacebar, then press and hold mouse, drag left to zoom out and drag right to zoom in.

Can BTT perform this fluid zoom behavior in Photoshop? I am unable to set this action in BTT.
The screenshots show the System Preferences pane and BTT configurator settings.