Magic Mouse Scroll Speed

Is it possible to change how much is scrolled when swiping on the Magic Mouse? No matter how fast I swipe up (for the speed based scrolling), I can't scroll fast enough up. Down does seem to go fast enough, just not up. If I can change the baseline speed (or number of lines that scroll), then I think I'll be able to swipe up fast enough.

you can change the scroll speed in System Preferences => Mouse. BetterTouchTool can not make it faster than the fastest value there.

It's so weird that I can only control the tracking speed, not the scrolling speed on Magic Mouse.

I talked to apple and they showed me the scrolling speed was in accessibility options rather than mouse (go figure). So that is all set. Now just need to figure out if middle click constant scroll is possible which is my other post. I'm hoping it is where I can middle click and then move above or below that click point and it automatically scrolls up or down depending if I'm above or below that point. I use it a lot on PC.